Royal Canin Mini Puppy Loaf 85g


Puppy Mini Gravy-Salsa Puppy Loaf (adult weight up to 10kg, up to 10 months old).
Royal Canin Mini Puppy Loaf Pouches Wet Dog Food Is Delicious And Nutritious With Many Health Benefits For Small Pups
  • Formulated for all small breed puppies up to 10 months old with a predicted adult weight of 1 – 10kg

Immune System Health

  • Supports your puppy’s natural defences due to a complex formula of antioxidants including vitamin E

Digestive Health

  • Supports digestive health and a balance of intestinal flora

Optimal Growth

  • High energy content to meet the high energy needs of small breed puppies with a fast growth period

High Palatability

  • Yummy chunks of meat in delectable gravy sauce
  • Soft texture for easy consumption

Other Information

  • The pouches can be served alone or served on top of dry food

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