Digital Pedometer Dog Collar Blue

The AnyPet Digital Collar lets you know what your dog gets up to when you’re not around. Does your pooch just laze around waiting for you to get home or is it busy running around all day.

The AnyPet Digital Collar is a high quality long lasting webbing collar with an inbuilt accelerometer (a super smart pedometer) which lets you know how active you furry friend is as it measures the amount of steps it takes each day and records their activity.

AnyPet Digital Collar is an Australian invention and an easy way to keep track of your pet’s healthy behaviour while letting you know how much exercise your dog is getting, or how lazy it is! You can reset the collar daily and keep a diary of your animal’s fitness levels.

Size; 30cm - 50cm x 2cm

Sold Out! More Coming In Soon.


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