Doganossi Dog Treats

Doganossi Dog Treats

Doganossi Dog Treats are perfect when your doggo just chews straight through them? Or you have a fussy pup who doesn't seem to like anything you give them?

Well ya haven't tried these treats yet!

Doganossi contains absolutely NO additives, chemicals or preservatives.

These delicious, chewy sticks come in a variety of flavours, perfect for any palate of any pup, and can be cut up as little treats or given in its natural form for your doggo to chew his way through.

These treats are made of at least 30% protein, and are great to maintain your dogs dental hygiene in the most delicious manner. Don't miss out on these convenient treats packed with health and flavour, coming in flavours of duck, lamb, fish and chicken!

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100% natural treat, Doganossi are like gourmet sausages for dogs!

Ideal as a tasty long lasting snack or broken up and used as a training reward treat. However you feed your dog a Doganossi, they'll love you for it! Suitable for medium to large dogs. Each stick is approx. 25cm in length and 1.5cm in diameter.

Treats are naturally dehydrated to optimal conditions and contain natural proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fats. All Yummi pet treats are wheat free, and contain no preservatives or artificial colours.


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