Bell and Bone Superfood Dog Treats - Flaxseed and Turmeric 150g

Bell and Bone are all about treating dogs to delicious, quality snacks that leave them with happy bellies and waggy tails. 

With the zesty taste of Flaxseed and Turmeric, these treats will become a fast favourite.


  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Human grade (smells so good you'll want to try one yourself!)
  • Superfood for your dog
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Grain Free

Coconut oil, chia flour, carrot powder, carob, flaxseed meal (10%), turmeric (8%), coconut flour, carob, egg yolk powder, egg white powder, vegetable gum (guar gum).

Feeding Guide:
Bell and bone is a tasty treat and is not intended for replacing meals. Do not overfeed your dog and always provide fresh, clean water for them. Store treats in a cool, dry place and use the convenient seal on the bag to keep them fresher for longer.

Sold Out! More Coming In Soon.


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