Bags On Board HAND ARMOR Extra Thick Handle Tie Bags (100 bags)

  • DECLARE WAR ON YUCK - Bags on Board Extra Thick Hand Armor Dog Waste Bags are built to fortify you against the yuckiness of dog poop. Bag up that pet waste with confidence, whether on a walk or in your backyard.
  • GIRD YOUR HAND FOR BATTLE - Twice as thick as our regular Bags on Board poop bags, Extra Thick Hand Armor Dog Waste Bags reduce the unpleasant sensation of picking up your pup’s droppings.
  • BREATHE FREE AND FEARLESS - There’s no need to hold your nose. The extra thickness also traps in more odor.
  • COURAGEOUS CAPACITY - 7 x 15 inches of space for all the stinky Fido can muster, with handle ties for quick and easy tying.
  • YOUR OWN ARMORY - Contains 100 extra thick poop bags that open easily with one hand! You can literally fight the good fight against pet poopy with one hand tied behind your back.

Sold Out! More Coming In Soon.


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