Zolux - Friends - Gilda the Rat

Been looking for a fun furry friend to join your doggo to play? Well look no further cause Zolux has got yout back! Available in a wide range of different animals, Zolux provides the perfect unique variety of stuff toys so that your doggo can let all their playful doggoness out (without making a mess....and ruining your cushions and sofa) These zolus toys are made of the highest quality material, sticthed to resist even the most avid biters, and have the perfect varied textures to keep your little pup entertained for hours. Furthermore, when the toy gets a big dirty and scruffed up, no need to worry! Just pop it in the washing machine and it will come out as good as new.....what more could you ask for? Gone will be the days your kids toys went missing...and your furniture gets scruffed, when Zolux is here! Rats in the house usually aren't fun...but we promise you that Gilda is only gonna bring a good time! This cute little rat is the only one you'll want in your house....and trust us it will leave your furniture more tidy since Gilda will be taking all your doggos time!



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