The Husher - Soft Dog Anti Bark Muzzle

A simple but effective training aid made from soft flexible elastic offering a 100% humane way to control all types of unwanted barking. 

The unique design still allows your dog to pant, eat, drink and play with no stress however when they bark the Husher applies slight pressure and quickly tires the muscles and they learn it is far easier and less tiresome not to exhibit the nuisance behaviour.

The Husher has an elastic panel that gently, but firmly, puts pressure on a dog’s muzzle.  There is very little pressure on the muzzle when the dog is not trying to bark, but when the dog tries to bark the pressure increases, tiring the dog and removing his desire to bark.

Selecting the correct size of The Husher that fits your dog is very important.

Using a piece of string or soft tape measure, measure the circumference of your dog's snout by starting at point "A" and taking it around your dog's mouth finishing back at point "A". The dogs mouth can be slightly open or you can allow for this in your measurement.  Next, measure the distance (bridge length) from just below eyes (start of snout) to tip of the nose. Compare the measurements you have taken ("A" to "A") and ("A" to "B") against the sizing chart  to select the correct size of The Husher for your dog.

Step 1.

Once you have The Husher with you, identify the top side of it for correct fitting. The top side has the word 'Husher' branded on it for easy identification. Slide the Husher, top side up, over your dogs snout so that it fits snugly. If it is difficult to fit then you should consider the next size up if it is too tight, or the next size down if it is too loose. An incorrectly fitted or wrong sized Husher will not change the unwanted behaviours of your dog. It is very important the correct size of the Husher is used otherwise the dog may not be able to pant, drink or eat. The Husher has the black elastic at the top which is slightly cut back so that it wont rub up against your dogs face.

Step 2.

Snap the buckle together behind your dog's neck and tighten the strap so that it is firm, but not overly tight. If you find that after pulling the strap tight, your dog still removes The Husher, then try wrapping the strap once around your dog's collar before you snap the buckle together. 

Do not leave your dog unattended while wearing The Husher until you are certain it can pant and drink properly. Check your dog regularly.

Training your dog with The Husher 

To get your dog used to wearing The Husher, leave it on for two minutes, remove it and then repeat several times. The time and frequency The Husher is used should be gradually increased until the dog accepts it. Once your dog is comfortable wearing The Husher, you can begin to train and modify their unwanted behaviour.

Teach your dog a moderate verbal "Hush" command when wearing The Husher or displaying unwanted behaviour. If you find that you dog continues to bark or struggle whilst wearing the Husher, then try distracting your pet during the process by either playing with them or taking them for a walk.

Don't forget to praise and reward your pet when it behaves properly. Positive reinforcement is a good thing.

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