Yours Drooly Urine Neutralising Training Pads 28pk (60x60)

Yours Droolly Antibacterial Training pads use a 5 layer interlocking design PLUS Antibacterial formulation. The upper layers are desined to funnel and trap liquid. The Super Absorbent Core rapidly absorbs up to 3 cups of liquid, keeping surface the layer dry to touch in a minute and eliminating wet paw prints in your home.

Antibacterial formulation will stop bacteria forming around the urine, controlling the odour and leading to a more hygienic, better smelling home. They also feature Sticky Tabs to lock pads into position.

Ideal for travelling in crates, under bedding, post surgery and puppy training.

Each pad is 60cm x 60cm.

Sold Out! More Coming In Soon.


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