Pyohex Medicated Conditioner for Dogs


Pyohex Medicated Dog Conditioner 

Does your doggo seem to have dandruff? Well don’t stress, Pyohex Medicated Dog Conditioner is here to help.

Just like we humans get it, doggos get it too! 

And its easy to treat, as long as you get the right shampoo. 

This Conditioner is an anti-bacterial for dogs that helps treat and prevent dermatitis caused by Staphylococcus Intermedius.

It sometimes only takes just one wash or two, and the dandruff should be gone for good 

(but depends how bad it is, you may need a few more). 

Dandruff is not comfortable for doggos, if you see them scratching excessively, you know a shampoo like Pyohex is needed to rid of the

discomfort and bring your pups back to their healthy coated selves!  


Comes in a 100 ml bottle. 



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